Monthly Archives: January 2012

So the AFP saw things as they were, not the bullshit story of the Murdoch press and Dr No.

This was always the case and Abbott should just shut up and begin creating some policy that Australians would want, instead of his constant raving.

Together union

This sook does bugger all for members of the union, have a look at him, a soft bloke who is timid does not suit union leadership.

The war on democracy is ongoing

If good people ignore what is happening every day in Australia, it won’t be long before Australia is as democratic as the USA, a situation I would be loathe to accept.

Australians are a conservative lot

I am not keen on Gillard either, but I certainly don’t see a return to Rudd as the answer, as for Shorten, what a joke!

Government Consumer Protection agencies need more staff and better legislation to help to save the gulible consumers from themselves

Apathy is the number one quality that I attribute to Australians, lackadaisical approach from government and the love of the almighty dollar has delivered this situation. Unfettered capitalism is a dangerous thing.


Doesn’t the Murdoch press shit you sometimes

This is the same Alan Bond who went belly up in the 80s, owing investor’s squillions, and here he is again popping up a millionaire. Australia’s rules need to be tightened viciously so parasites like this bloke do not diddle Mum and Dad investors.

Abbott is a grub

Abbott hasn’t got a clue as to how much discrimination is faced every day by Aboriginal and Torres Straight people in Australia.