year of the carbon tax – welcome!

Welcome to my new blog –

My name is Shaun Newman, I have been a local commentator for 16 years and a local resident all my life.  I am a humble happily married man who has social issues at heart.

I am very interested in politics and current affairs and I will be dedicated this blog to highlighting inequality, social injustice and progressive ideas.  I feel that Townsville was always a laid back place to live and out of the many cities I have lived in, Townsville has been and is now the best in terms of climate and people.

I love arguing with torries and hope that they are up for a good debate on this blog.  In the end they don’t have any common sense arguments because they are skewed towards a small part of the community (rich and powerful) and do not look out for the average person on the street.

One of the most interesting occurrences of 2012 will be the introduction of the Carbon Tax, hopefully it iwll encourage big business to think about the planet and invest more in renewable energy.

In setting up this blog I have reviewed Cairnsblog and hope that one day this site may also provide an independent new source for those interested in an alternative perspective

I have taken This is my first attempt at setting up a blog, I look forward to some lively debate and I will try to post to the blog as often as possible.


One thought on “year of the carbon tax – welcome!

  1. Terry Vance says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere!!

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