The modern Australia


Letter to the Editor

The modern Australia is a delight to behold, as I did my shopping yesterday I sat to eat in a large shopping centre an observed the crowd. Where 30 years ago one would notice the occasional Italian, Greek or Asian person in the crowd these days we have a melting pot of people from all nations on Earth living peacefully in the greatest nation on Earth.

Public opinion has changed in those 30 years; we are and always have been a humanitarian nation who has traditionally helped one another regardless of race colour or creed. Australia Day celebrations have shown the integration of all peoples of the world have adopted Australian tradition in the Brisbane floods and Cyclone Yasi of 2011. It mattered not what shade your skin was, the only important thing was that you are a human being.

Hopefully the Australian public will not be diverted from our humanitarian stance when refugees are involved in our conversations. What ever else they are they are human beings, once scanned for characteristics that we do not wish to enter our society we should welcome immigrants to our society as the Australian workforce will need many more participants if we are to believe what big business is telling us about job prospects for the future.

“We are a humanitarian country. We don’t turn people back into the sea, we don’t turn unseaworthy boats which are likely to capsize and the people on them be drowned. We can’t behave in that manner.” – John Howard.[1]


Shaun Newman


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