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I, along


Letter to the Editor

I, along with many others in the Northern Beaches received a flier from Sam Cox yesterday, my LNP candidate for my local electorate of Thuringowa. I take a keen interest in policy and would very much like to know more details on the following policy:

Improve standards in schools

. Roll out Independent Public Schools? to drive higher standards in education and deliver real options for parents and students?

What on Earth does this malarkey actually mean in Australian English speak?

Like so many of the other LNP aspirations it does not make sense to the average everyday voter, and really is worded in such a way that voters immediately become suspicious of the real, underlying meaning. This process of trying to bamboozle voters will backfire on the LNP unless they come out and explain exactly what this and other “policy” statements actually mean in practice.

I am a swinging voter like many, and will go with the party who clearly and simply explains their policies. At this moment in time that will be The Greens, easy to find information, all I had to do was Google Queensland Greens.


Shaun Newman


Gillard has a resounding victory over Rudd

Gillard needs to communicate better with the public and change a couple of policy settings if she hopes to win the next election.

Both she and Abbott are profusely on the nose with the public. Abbott is yet to release a firm policy about anything, very sad.

Thankfully today


Letter to the Editor

Thankfully today, confirmation from the overwhelming majority of the ALPs caucus that they trust her to lead them to the 2013 election. Also that she has their trust in continuing to deliver important and progressive government to the Australian people. The distractions of the past have at last been overcome and the party can now move on as a united party, now that grievances have been aired.

Kevin Rudd had been a destabilizing figure in the party as he quite rightly dissented to the way in which he lost the office of Prime Minister; he has now had the opportunity to put his support to the test. He is well liked in the Australian community and it is good to know that he will now work as part of the team to have the Gillard government re-elected, as he remains a popular figure in Australian politics, this has been a good outcome for the government.

The Gillard government can now go full steam ahead with delivering good policy with fairness to the battlers of this nation. Policy such as NDIS is a priority as is Denticare and I look forward to both schemes being implemented under the Gillard government. I also look forward to the coalition actually developing a policy of any kind.


Shaun Newman

Now that the squabble


Letter to the Editor

Now that the squabble over the leadership on the federal ALP has resolved itself the government can get on and sell its message, and a great message it is.

After the Rudd government averted Australia away from the Global Financial Crisis the Gillard government has done much good in the community. From helping to save the planet at the least possible cost to ordinary hard hit working families, to the introduction of government funded maternity leave for mothers and/or fathers there is much that the current Australian community should be thankful for.

Gillard has managed to negotiate these and many more important reforms through a minority government in the parliament, no mean feat. She is an inspiration for all young women in this country, and deserves every piece of praise that comes her way. The strength and courage shown by this lady has been a super-human effort and should inspire young women to know that they too are capable of great things.


Shaun Newman

I don’t know about “the truth” but Australia could really do with some investigative journalists right about now.

The story concerning AWU influence in the Rudd political assassination would have been welcome in 2010, and still in 2012 it is coming back to bite the ALP, yet nobody is looking at Bill Ludwig or Paul Howes, why not?

Rudd, the real Rudd

When push comes to shove Rudd is little better than a tory himself and certainly does not represent the aspirations of the working class.

Quite frankly


Letter to the Editor

Quite frankly one must not miss the comedy relief in any election campaign; take for example Campbell Newman’s campaign visit to Townsville last week.

Campbell’s day began with a jog down part of Townsville’s Strand. Whilst on this jog he was approached by a fellow jogger and member of the public who quite legitimately asked him a question concerning the return of WorkChoices, for I assume, the Queensland public service. Well the comedy that followed was unbelievable, this fellow jogger was accused of being a Labor Party stooge (which he was not) and a subversive (which he was not) and other unmentionables just for asking a question?

One may have thought that an Opposition Leader? Would welcome questions so he could clarify his parties position on particular issues, instead we had Campbell Newman scurrying back to Brisbane with his tail firmly planted between his legs the very same day lol! It is a good thing that he did not stick around to be asked by journalists (not sure if they are the enemy also) concerning all this funding he is promising for the north. I assume journalists would want to know either where the extra revenue will come from to fund the promised projects or what government services he plans to cut, where, and by how much.

He’s a funny little fellow, he reminds me of a jack in a box, keeps popping up here and there buts answers no questions lol!


Shaun Newman

13 Laura Court

Deeragun, Townsville

North Queensland, 4818

Ph: 0747516184

Email – sne35565

The ALP must rid itself of the AWU control

if it does not it is doomed, any more of this nonsense and the party will simply disappear. True fair dinkum unions need to either oust the AWU or begin a party without them, possibly named something like The Progressive Labour Party.