I understand Kevin Rudd’s disappointment however….


He should not treat the ALP as his personal plaything. Yes, he did get things done, and yes he was unfairly removed by his AWU masters. He should now get on and be Australia’s best and longest Minister for Foreign Affairs, still a very important position in a Labor government. I have empathy and compassion for him, but life is like that for some of us it just does not run smoothly, sometimes we have to make the best of what we have, and be happy in what life hands us. He was a good PM, and is a good FM, it is up to the ALP to consolidate behind Julia Gillard for now and continue to pass important legislation for the Australian people. If anything he should be taking his frustration out on the AWU, personally I would love to see a Royal Commission into the corruption or otherwise of the AWU, these bosses arse kissers need a real shake up when you consider that they can remove an Australian Prime Minister from office. Courtesy of people like Paul Howes and Bill Ludwig, two greater fools I have never before seen involved with the Australian political scene.


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