Now that the squabble


Letter to the Editor

Now that the squabble over the leadership on the federal ALP has resolved itself the government can get on and sell its message, and a great message it is.

After the Rudd government averted Australia away from the Global Financial Crisis the Gillard government has done much good in the community. From helping to save the planet at the least possible cost to ordinary hard hit working families, to the introduction of government funded maternity leave for mothers and/or fathers there is much that the current Australian community should be thankful for.

Gillard has managed to negotiate these and many more important reforms through a minority government in the parliament, no mean feat. She is an inspiration for all young women in this country, and deserves every piece of praise that comes her way. The strength and courage shown by this lady has been a super-human effort and should inspire young women to know that they too are capable of great things.


Shaun Newman


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