Thankfully today


Letter to the Editor

Thankfully today, confirmation from the overwhelming majority of the ALPs caucus that they trust her to lead them to the 2013 election. Also that she has their trust in continuing to deliver important and progressive government to the Australian people. The distractions of the past have at last been overcome and the party can now move on as a united party, now that grievances have been aired.

Kevin Rudd had been a destabilizing figure in the party as he quite rightly dissented to the way in which he lost the office of Prime Minister; he has now had the opportunity to put his support to the test. He is well liked in the Australian community and it is good to know that he will now work as part of the team to have the Gillard government re-elected, as he remains a popular figure in Australian politics, this has been a good outcome for the government.

The Gillard government can now go full steam ahead with delivering good policy with fairness to the battlers of this nation. Policy such as NDIS is a priority as is Denticare and I look forward to both schemes being implemented under the Gillard government. I also look forward to the coalition actually developing a policy of any kind.


Shaun Newman


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