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The new Newman


Letter to the Editor

The new Newman government is very light on with former National Party Ministers; it seems that the Liberal Party has taken over completely in spite of the fact that the LNP has many more former National Party members than the former Liberal Party.

To add insult to injury the former leader whose concept it was to bring both parties together has been thrown the poisoned chalice of Health, this must be a slap in the face to the Nationals. The Nationals have been given assistant ministerial jobs which entail most of the hard work while their Liberal Party mates do all the glamour work such as cutting ribbons and the like.

We somehow avoided having Mander as Education Minister thank goodness, but we have landed another religious fanatic in his place, a member of some offbeat cult the 7th day Adventist I believe, I could be mistaken about which cult he actually belongs to but suffice to say he should not be in charge of our secular public schooling.

The government can not be criticized by the ALP because they use the same “jobs for the boys” system as the LNP do. At the moment low income employees have no representation industrially or politically having weak Clayton’s unions such as the AWU, and the Shop Assistant’s Union running the ALP.

It is a sad period for those of us who earn less than $40,000 per annum as we will be squeezed from both sides, employer and government. I expect we will lose many services as well as our pay packets being severely attacked. It will be a long, long four years.

Yours Sincerely,

Shaun Newman


The coming of an Abbott government

The Labor Party only has itself to blame because they are not taking the ordinary person with them.

It was a very quiet lead in


Letter to the Editor

It was a very quiet lead in to the Queensland election, with not many speaking up for the LNP but many speaking out against the Labor government. It seems that the general population does not understand why a Labor government does not act in the interests of labour, or to put it more plainly employees.

We have seen a few initiatives for employees at the federal level such as the compensation package for employees and pensioners to offset the carbon price, however even simple things to assist working people and pensioners were too much trouble for the Queensland Labor Party.

This approach stems from the Queensland branch of the ALP being dominated and controlled by the hierarchy of right wing weak unions such as the AWU, Together union and the Shop Assistant’s union, who collectively would not help a member of their union, instead preferring the member’s employer’s version of events.

I doubt that the ALP in Queensland can recoup their losses unless or until they remove these people from power internally. Much like the NSW branch, they refuse to learn from their experiences. Those who fail to learn repeat their folly. Meanwhile there are millions of low paid employees without representation or a political voice. This is the perfect time in Australia’s history to either reform the ALP or give birth to a new party to represent all the voiceless people.


Shaun Newman

ALP 2012 election defeat, AWU policies in action

Surely now, the AWU control of the ALP must be overthrown and the fair dinkum unions take control. We shouldn’t have unions like the AWU, Together union, and other weak unions in control of the only party that low income Queenslanders and pensioners should be able to count on. C’mon fair dinkum unions take over! Launch a legal battle for control if need be.

This is what happens when you allow a right wing union to take over a workers party

If the ALP do not realize that this result is in fact a result of the ALP no longer being interested in the aspirations of clerks, shop assistants console operators and many other lowly paid occupations then they will never raise themselves off the floor again, and nor should they. It is the perfect time for a party based upon the welfare of ordinary working Queenslanders to emerge from the ashes of the ALP destruction. The new party should have empathy and compassion for all working people especially the working poor, who have never really seen any priority placed upon them from the ALP.

Greed and selfishness, qualities we frown upon when our children are small, yet we tolerate in their adulthood

If they were all to pay a fair share of taxation our governments could build this nation, however we continue to drive over pot holed roads to under staffed hospitals and under resourced schools rather than demand that these people contribute and share. Even after they did so they would still be rich, but we let them get away without filling their responsibilities.

I have noticed today


Letter to the Editor

I have noticed today that Campbell Newman has already begun his “softening up” period of the Queensland voter by suggesting that there is some doubt around Queensland’s financial position, suggesting that when he comes to office he may need to cut more services than expected.

This is classic Opposition Leader of old tactics, to suggest that the Queensland Treasury may have been politicized is a bit rich coming from a man with the type of financial questions surrounding Mr. Newman.

There appears little doubt that the Newman government will be a particularly harsh one. I understand that the population has had a gutful of the Labor government; however I sincerely hope that many people think of their collective futures before casting a vote for the LNP and choose a minor party.

The Shepherdson Inquiry years ago highlighted the AWU faction as being dodgy in Queensland, sadly instead of reducing the power of that particular faction within the ALP, it actually increased. This power goes a long way in accounting for government decisions that were far removed from the thinking of the everyday Queenslander and they will pay the price. The ALP in NSW failed to understand why they were rejected there, same problem, and unless the ALP rids itself of these power brokers it is doomed to ever decreasing numbers in Australian parliaments.


Shaun Newman

As it now looks


Letter to the Editor

As it now looks like a wipeout for the ALP in Queensland, at this weekend’s coming State election they only have themselves to blame. The Queensland ALP, in fact the ALP in most States need to understand why they have lost government, and why they should not just accept that governments change from time to time.

The ALP at one time represented labour, the workforce, the employees, the aspirations of ordinary people that can no longer be said. The party values and ethics have decreased at the same rate that the AWU influence has increased. If reform within the ALP to lower the influence of this one particular supposed union does not take place I am predicting that the party will never again win government in any sphere.


Shaun Newman

This election campaign


Letter to the Editor,

This election campaign has been the least informed campaign that I have had the misfortune to witness. We (the public) still have no idea as to what the two major parties are proposing on a Queensland wide basis. I cannot remember a more confusing campaign with so little policy and direction coming from the two major parties. Campbell Newman has been criticized for almost everything except what he should be criticized for, that being lack of policy or direction, and lack of information on how his $8 billion promises would be funded.

I like many other Queenslanders want a change of government, and until last week I was considering Katter’s Australian Party, but crossed them off the list after their poofter-bashing exercise. I don’t want to regress into the past, I want to progress into the future. I’m looking for innovation, not decapitation (in political terms). The Greens have been the farmers mates in standing against coal seam gas on agricultural land but have been portrayed poorly by the media.

The only party left on my list is The Greens, who are offering sensible policies with good direction, I will vote for them because I have discovered that far from their media profile, their members are everyday Aussies, doctors, lawyers and computer repairers. Their policies are sensible and they don’t engage in personality attacks, their focus is policy.


Shaun Newman

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