A week is a long time in politics


Letter to the Editor

A week is a long time in politics they say and last week was no exception. Last week began in sensational fashion with Monday morning the ALP having a leadership spill in which Julia Gillard emerged as a strong leader, by Friday afternoon it was obvious that she had given in to the faceless men of the NSW Right or better described as the NSW AWU faction consisting of both elected politicians and AWU union stooges which robbed her of any legitimacy she had won on Monday.

The party, the ALP stands for Australian Labor Party, though the faceless men in the AWU have very little modern history of representing the actual Labour in Australia. The Clayton’s union that is the AWU is normally the bosses arse kissers, and normally takes the bosses word over that of their AWU member employee. They are Australia’s biggest and weakest union and the ACTU should be ashamed to include them as a “fair dinkum” union.

I understand that all political parties need a power base and that base can be seen in the LNP also, however these unelected people should have no voice in serving governments, once the politician has been elected and as such has the support of the public, the party whether the LNP or Labor should carry on with the administration of the party and leave the parliamentary party to get on with the government and decisions of the day.

Whilst party members can hold conferences and decide what policies they would like to see the government adopt it should always be seen as a guide for government rather than a direction. The inclusion of Bob Carr in the federal cabinet in front of existing, elected parliamentarians is purely a demonstration of the power of the AWU union over elected parliamentarians and to my way of thinking is more of this union’s treachery following the dismissal of Kevin Rudd in 2010.

The sadness that genuine ALP members must feel at these antics I can only imagine, not being a member myself. That the federal party can be so easily manipulated by the union does not go well for Labor State governments, and this action (Carr) must surely put an end to the Bligh Labor government in Queensland.

In my humble opinion it is well overdue that the Australian public see a new “fair dinkum” Labour Party, based on the “fair dinkum” unions who do represent their members well, perhaps it could be known as the Progressive Labour Party and represent the aspirations of ordinary working people and their industrial organizations.


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