I have noticed today


Letter to the Editor

I have noticed today that Campbell Newman has already begun his “softening up” period of the Queensland voter by suggesting that there is some doubt around Queensland’s financial position, suggesting that when he comes to office he may need to cut more services than expected.

This is classic Opposition Leader of old tactics, to suggest that the Queensland Treasury may have been politicized is a bit rich coming from a man with the type of financial questions surrounding Mr. Newman.

There appears little doubt that the Newman government will be a particularly harsh one. I understand that the population has had a gutful of the Labor government; however I sincerely hope that many people think of their collective futures before casting a vote for the LNP and choose a minor party.

The Shepherdson Inquiry years ago highlighted the AWU faction as being dodgy in Queensland, sadly instead of reducing the power of that particular faction within the ALP, it actually increased. This power goes a long way in accounting for government decisions that were far removed from the thinking of the everyday Queenslander and they will pay the price. The ALP in NSW failed to understand why they were rejected there, same problem, and unless the ALP rids itself of these power brokers it is doomed to ever decreasing numbers in Australian parliaments.


Shaun Newman


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