Re uni food waste


Letter to the Editor

Re: Uni food waste fertilizer move TB 18.04.12. What a great invention from VRMs Ken Bellamy and also progressive management at JamesCookUniversity to install the Bio-Regen food scrap converter. Having proved itself useful both environmentally and economically, saving JCU a cost of dumping the scrap food into landfill of $5,000 per year and costing a mere $6,500, it will have paid for itself in 14 months, as well as providing an income for the university in sales of bio-fertilizer.

This type of innovation needs to be adopted by all large groupings such as universities, hospitals and nursing homes as just a few examples and it is great to see that JCU will be acquiring more of these mighty converters.

This is true economics at work in a practical sense, in the 21st century we will need to see these progressive ideas put into action on a regular basis by large institutions in order to contain overheads as the public purse is being stretched to the limit and can ill afford uneconomic spending. In practical terms, if hospitals could save this and more every year our State government could employ extra police or paramedics.


Shaun Newman


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