The cost of living


Letter to the Editor

The cost of living debate is receiving quite a lot of attention lately; the Townsville Bulletinran a story 03.05.12 titled Cost of living debate rages with comments from people in the street. It seems as though many people have forgotten how to think outside the square in relation to saving money on the big hitters in our weekly budgets. One man interviewed identified the areas water, power and fuel that rocks most of us.

The answers are of course advertised, however most families would need to sacrifice their lifestyles to achieve reductions in those expenditures. If we take them one by one, water, the solution of course is a water tank as large as you can possibly afford to ease the amount of water drawn from town water supply. Next power, obviously time is fast running out for subsidy from the Gillard government but they have been there for years, paying off solar panels and a solar water heater (sadly subsidy from the Queensland government has ended on water heaters) will reduce your reliance on electricity from Ergon and last but not least fuel, again we must think outside the square, fuel saving devices is advertised on TV, Hyclone does save money in petrol costs.

There are many other ways to save outgoing expenditure by buying everyday necessities like toilet paper and dish washing liquid in bulk, all these measures involve short term pain for long term gain but there are may ways to lower the cost of living. These days it seems as though people will not sacrifice their weekly restaurant excursion or entertainment to achieve the lower cost of living. That is fine, but please do not continue to complain if you haven’t taken the personal responsibility to think outside the square.


Shaun Newman

13 Laura Court

Deeragun, Townsville

North Queensland, 4818

Ph: 0747516184

Email – sne35565


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