In the days


Letter to the Editor

In the days prior to the Whitlam government 1972-75 education funding in this nation was as it should be with governments funding public schools which they are primarily responsible for, and private schools funding themselves. Suddenly we had the government subsidizing private enterprise schools that were mainly attended by the well to do students from wealthy backgrounds, who were affording the expense quite easily before Whitlam wrongly extended funding. These schools at the time were simply the opportunity for students to meet other wealthy students for networking later in life for business opportunities.

With government funding the wealthier of the wealthy private enterprise schools they (the schools) didn’t quite know how to spend the allocation from government and so put in an extra gymnasiums or an extra swimming pools as well as the most up to date teaching aids, which of course the public system could now only dream of having. The Gonski Report recently bought down recommendations to close the widening gap between the wealthy private schools and the public system schools who are lagging behind in all aspects including school maintenance and up to date teaching aids, gymnasiums and swimming pools are a rarity at a public school.

With 66% of all students attending public schools it is only fair that at least 66% of the funding should go to the public system which is the governments main responsibility, furthermore policy as it stands at present means that the government is actually funding schools run by the Amanda Margi sect and the USA cult, the Assembly of God, this should be unacceptable to ordinary taxpayers. Public schools have fallen behind in the 40 years since this policy was adopted and its time it finished. Private enterprise should be able to stand on it own feet, if it is unable to do so it goes bankrupt, it is that simple.

I cannot see for the life of me why 66% of students should suffer for the other 34%? If people want to choose to send their children to private schools they should be prepared to accept the responsibility of funding that exercise.


Shaun Newman

13 Laura Court

Deeragun, Townsville

North Queensland, 4818

Ph: 0747516184

Email – sne35565


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