It is to be hoped


Letter to the Editor

It is to be hoped that Premiers from Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland in particular but also Opposition Leader Abbott will take note of IMF Chief Christine Lagarde’s advice given last week concerning the dangers of pure austerity posed, she made the point that if governments continued to treat austerity as the solution the whole world economy would be in jeopardy.

We understand that the Opposition Leader has a problem accepting advice from powerful women however watching the L&NP, LNP economic policy in practice in the States seems to completely rely upon austerity without a stimulus or any positive economic measures and needs urgent correction. In Queensland for example we have seen the sacking of 14,000 people by the government leading to Queensland pulling the rest of Australia down. . As Ms Lagarde clearly points out structural reforms need to be undertaken which seems absent from conservative policy, yet the Australian government keenly undertakes these measures on almost a daily basis.

It seems that other conservative (L&NP) Premiers have followed the Queensland Premier down the slippery slope for a race to the bottom with both NSW and Victoria following suit albeit sacking less people than the Queensland Premier. It is rudimentary economics to realize that the fewer people working and paying taxes the worse the country or state will be. Relying on out dated ideology to crush working people will only lead to tears.

The IMF has factored in a 3.3% figure for global growth, with the negative approach taken to economics by the L&NP, LNP our only comfort is the fact we continue to have a federal Labor government who are good managers of the economy, especially in tough times, and not the LNP.


Shaun Newman

13 Laura Court

Deeragun, Townsville

North Queensland, 4818

Ph: 0747516184

Email –


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