Re ALP casualties


Letter to the Editor

Re “ ALP casualties mount after spill bid fails Townsville Bulletin 23.03.13.” There is a lot to say about this situation that perhaps cannot be contained in a simple letter, so I will attempt to explain my opinion of the basic points.

The Labor Party is supposed to represent ordinary everyday Australians however some in the party seem to believe it is their right to engage and/or disengage leaders at their whim. This collection of people is most commonly known as the NSW Right wing, this is the faction at the centre of ICAC investigations in that State.

I doubt very much that the Gillard government will suffer because of the loss of the likes of Chris Bowen and Martin Ferguson, there is now an opportunity for Prime Minister Gillard to reshuffle her front bench with new invigorated talent without the influence of the NSW Right, and there is plenty of said talent available.

The right wing faction is in large quantity made up of weak unions backing of people who are not prepared to fight for the welfare of the everyday Aussie, and they should not exist with a “Labor Party” as one texter to the Townsville Bulletin put it “Woo Hoo! That’s our PM… like a boss! Good try Crean (go join the Liberals, heard they’re hiring) good try Abbott (vote of no confidence failed) Now start weeding out the other “faceless” backstabbers and we’re on! Take notice people, we have a brilliant, fair and intelligent leader. Stop the whinging and pay attention. EF4819.”

This texter is implying, quite rightly in my opinion that the conservative right wing of the Labor Party is as dangerous to ordinary everyday Aussies as the Liberal National Party, as can be evidenced by the LNP ruination of Queensland.


Shaun Newman

13 Laura Court

Deeragun, Townsville

North Queensland, 4818

Ph: 0747516184

Email –


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