Oservers of Australian politics


Letter to the Editor

Observers of Australian politics need to recall 1972, to recall a more uneven contest for the Prime Ministers ship of this nation. At that time we had a weak Prime Minister devoid of policies who faced a confident Opposition Leader who had done the home work through his time in Opposition and was choc-a-block with new and exciting progressive policies, such as Medibank, which later became Medicare that we have retained to this day.

Fast forward to 2013 and we have a newly confident Prime Minister full of progressive policies such as lifting the standards of all Australian children’s education re the Gonski reforms, such as the National Disability Insurance Scheme to care for the disabled who were either born that way or became so via the workplace, this is the community taking responsibility for all its citizens, exciting progressive policy for Australia’s long term future. As the States are reducing services under LNP governments the federal ALP government is taking up the slack to try to protect ordinary people’s services such as health.

Challenging this Prime Minister would surely be the poorest Opposition Leader since the LNP Prime Minister of 1972 Bill McMahon. The current LNP leader Tony Abbott has trouble stringing five words together coherently, lacks policy except for the newly released ‘slow broadband’ policy which has been an abject failure and a revised WorkChoices policy that we know will be revived in name only. This man’s answer to policy questions is either “no” or a deferral, it’s a work in progress, goodness me, he has had 6 years, what is the problem? His front bench is stacked with relics from the past, hardly a think-tank for the future, Bronwyn Bishop, Kevin Andrews and Philip Ruddock the father of the house; this could be part of the problem.

I sense a new mood overtaking the Australian community as the Opposition Leader comes under closer scrutiny and Australian’s are not impressed with what they see. Prime Minister Gillard should be confident, she is delivering strong and structured government at a time that is a real turning point in so many ways for our nation; we need to continue with Prime Minister Gillard’s strong leadership on the economy, the environment, education and so much more. It is not time to change horses in mid-stream, let’s wait till we get to the other side of the river and see what her policies deliver, because there are no policies on the LNP side of politics for the foreseeable future. We can only judge the LNP by what they do in State governments, in Queensland we are into our second year of LNP government, so far we have suffered an increase in the cost of living due to their poor policy decisions and currently have the highest unemployment of any mainland State, not a recipe for progress or prosperity is it?


Shaun Newman

13 Laura Court

Deeragun, Townsville

North Queensland, 4818

Ph: 0747516184

Email – sne35565@westnet.com.au

One thought on “Oservers of Australian politics

  1. Ian says:

    Great article thanks. Can I make one correction please – the National Disability Insurance Scheme will specifically exclude people injured in the workplace, because they will still be covered by workers comp. It is designed for people with disability either born that way, or acquired through accident where no compensation is payable.

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