I am quite sure


Letter to the Editor

I am quite sure that many a North Queenslander would be interested in the size of the Bruce Highway contribution from the Coalition. This current saga began with Premier Newman announcing that the Queensland government was committing money and wanted the Gillard government to match it dollar for dollar.

The response from the Gillard government was to commit $4.1 Billion over the 10 year period, far in excess of what the Newman government was asking for. This would take the Labor government’s commitment in total to the Bruce Highway to 5.7 Billion overall.

Meanwhile back at the LNP (Coalition) we have seen varying amounts of funding levels discussed, more than nine months ago we saw Warren Truss National Party leader and a couple of LNP MPs travel the Bruce Highway on a convoy of deception and presumably reported back to Mr. Abbott who at that time answered questions about Bruce Highway funding thusly “ I am going to be making some very substantial announcements about the Bruce Highway in coming weeks” that was 26th February 2013, since then silence has been the stern reply. It is worth noting that the previous LNP government under John Howard contributed a measly $1.3 Billion over 12 years, the Labor government has contributed four times as much in half the length of time.

Mr. Truss made an announcement of $8 Billion but was quickly shafted by LNP shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey, who has also cast some doubt on funding the NDIS in the recent past. North Queenslanders have had a gutful of this attitude from Sydney based politicians, both Abbott and Hockey, we want a fair dinkum commitment to our section of the national highway, at present the only way we will see progress on the Bruce is to vote Labor.


Shaun Newman

13 Laura Court

Deeragun, Townsville

North Queensland, 4818

Ph: 0747516184



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