Critics of the Australian economy


Letter to the Editor

Critics of the Australian economy perhaps are unaware of actually how well the Australian economy is actually doing, only two other countries on Earth owe less government debt than Australia, in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis the world is still in a great deal of financial turmoil, re examples such as Italy, Greece and much of Europe, Australia actually has it pretty good thanks to the Labor government’s handling of the Global Financial Crisis and its aftermath with the stimulus package.

This is why Prime Minister Gillard is so confident in Australians choosing to continue with her government into the future PM serves up spirit-lifting tonic for her troops TB 06.05.13. The Prime Minister is of the impression that her policies such as the NBN bringing super-fast broadband to every household in Australia enabling e-health to extend far into outback Australia, her education (Gonski) reforms lifting the standard of education for all school students in Australia enabling them to apply for better jobs, the jobs of tomorrow, her NDIS helping those Australians who cannot help themselves through disability, she is of the impression that everyday Australians will prefer her policies to those of the Opposition, and there is growing optimism in the Australian community that she will indeed scrape back.

With four short months to go the Abbott Opposition has only one policy out in the marketplace, which is for slow-broadband, where are their policies on Industrial Relations, Health, Education, and the Environment? Silence has been their stern reply when asked. After having gone through 12 long years of Howard government, only 6 years ago, people want to see that the LNP Coalition has learned something in Opposition and developed new policies with which to win our vote. With only four months left to convince us they had better get their skates on, either that or they are taking our votes for granted, again.


Shaun Newman

13 Laura Court

Deeragun, Townsville

North Queensland, 4818

Ph: 0747516184

Email –


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