Last night


Letter to the Editor

Last night the 26.06.13 was a great night for two resurrections; firstly our rugby league team revived its chances to go for rugby league supremacy and stayed in the game for another series win, and Kevin Rudd lifted the government into the possibility of another political victory in the coming election.

This election, voters will get the chance to vote for the person they elected in 2007 to once again run the country. This time Kevin Rudd has had time to reflect on past mistakes and will do a better job for having that experience.

The choice of Prime Minister is stark, Kevin Rudd, a man of the people or Tony Abbott a reckless negative extreme right winger, who, even if by chance he did win would be replaced very quickly as leader as we have seen in the Victorian government experience.

Let us hope Kevin Rudd announces some new innovative policies sooner rather than later to fill the void that exists from the secrecy of LNP policies. I cannot imagine working class families voting to lose benefits like the school kids bonus which helps us to send our children to school.


Shaun Newman

13 Laura Court

Deeragun, Townsville

North Queensland, 4818

Ph: 0747516184

Email –


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