So, the Rudd snowball


Letter to the Editor

So, the Rudd snowball is gathering support as it rolls on, even on the night of the leadership change a Roy Morgan poll was conducted giving the ALP 49.5% to the LNP 50.5% very close indeed.

It was noticeable on the last sitting day of parliament that the body language from Tony Abbott had changed from the confident swagger he had, gone, which is usually the case when cowards are faced with an opponent of higher stature than themselves. On that day Kevin Rudd told Tony Abbott that negative platitudes were no longer good enough, in future he would need to produce policies. Australians chose their governments on what policies the parties offer them, in this case most of Rudd’s policies are spelt out however in the case of the LNP we know that they propose slow broadband (unless you are wealthy) 20,000 public servants to be sacked (because they would not be needed under an LNP government as they provide very little services) adding to unemployment.

Rudd’s Labor offers a continuation of services, a continuation of the school kid’s bonus and help for the disabled, and most importantly continuation of an economy which has low unemployment, low interest rates, low inflation and low debt all of which an LNP government would threaten with their lack of economic policy. The ordinary person would be subject to major cost of living increases as government services disappeared as in Queensland. The LNP howl about the price on carbon, which has been very effective in lowering carbon pollution since it was introduced in order to tackle dangerous climate change and to leave a better world for our children, as both the USA and China are moving at long last to do, they are obviously out of step, and my electricity bill advises me that the carbon price makes up only 3% of my total bill, yet the LNP talk as if it would be a major reduction in the cost of living? I don’t think so.

Kevin Rudd should be given a ‘fair go’ at prioritizing his policies, and for me, I very much hope he wins the next election.


Shaun Newman

13 Laura Court

Deeragun, Townsville

North Queensland, 4818

Ph: 0747516184

Email –


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