The reverse Robin Hood philosophy


Letter to the Editor

The reverse Robin Hood philosophy of the LNP to take the school kids bonus from hundreds of thousands of poorer families to give big business a tax cut defies logic. If poorer families have even greater pressure upon their family budgets with the costs involved in sending children to school they are even less likely to be able to spend to help the economy.

As it stands for those of us in this bracket, our income is mainly thrown around on rent/mortgage, electricity, water, food and petrol then if there is anything left after miscellaneous items such as new tyres for our old cars to keep them roadworthy, or to repair the fridge, which we save for, we tend to bank it.

The LNP government we have in Queensland practises austerity measures and have sacked up to 16,000 public servants which means that we have very poor services especially in health and wait years for an appointment for anything seriously wrong with us. We simply will not survive if items like the school kids bonus is taken away from us.

We understand that Australian governments require more revenue to provide services, however it cannot be gotten from our bracket, it is high time governments of all political persuasions considered a wealth tax of 1.5% on the 100 wealthiest Australians to make up the balance, in the majority of cases these people enjoy legal taxation deductions in order to relieve themselves of their responsibility to pay their fair share of taxation in order to help this great nation.


Shaun Newman

13 Laura Court

Deeragun, Townsville

North Queensland, 4818

Ph: 0747516184

Email –


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