I have some sad news


Letter to the Editor

I have some sad news for 10,500 homes and businesses in the area of Townsville in which I live, Black River, Burdell, Bushland Beach, Deeragun, Jensen, Mount Low and Yabulu.

The sad news is that optic fibre cable to deliver the NBN Co super-fast broadband to those who live in this area is currently being rolled out and if Labor is returned, would be connected by the end of the year.

The polls are suggesting that the very people that this initiative is meant to help will vote to pay $5,000 for the privilege to have the super-fast broadband connected under the LNP slow broadband scheme, when they could have had the connection for free under Labor. Sadly if the polls are correct this would actually mean that parents in these areas are prepared to offer their children second best.

Personally I am a parent who wants the very best for my child and it is very disappointing to think that some parents do not. My family is one of the 1.3 million families in Australia who will lose the schoolkids bonus if the LNP achieve government, which puts us at an immediate disadvantage, to come so close and lose the super-fast broadband as well is a big blow. We almost made it, but sadly if the polls can be believed, we didn’t make it this time. The super-fast broadband speed loss, will affect medical clinics and schools in this area, as the advantages of super-fast broadband are well known in the fields of e-health and e-education


Shaun Newman

13 Laura Court

Deeragun, Townsville

North Queensland, 4818

Ph: 0747516184

Email – sne35565@westnet.com.au

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