In the last couple


Letter to the Editor

In the last couple of days in the election campaign the subject of climate change looms large. Aussies have wanted action on climate change since the 2007 election in which the LNP went to offering an Emissions Trading Scheme, which has been wound back to what they are calling their Direct Action Plan, which involves the planting of a miniscule amount of trees.

The Greens leader has described the Direct Action Plan as a joke, which will not achieve or even come close to achieving the 5% reduction Australia has agreed to by 2020. Surely the general public won’t be fooled by the snake oil salesman, and will understand that this plan will not offer a future for our children and grandchildren as Earth’s temperature continues to rise at an alarming rate. Make no mistake if we do nothing, our children and grandchildren will pay the price in future years through catastrophic weather events such as cyclones and other huge storms which will affect the Australia population seriously.

We have been told many times by the scientists that this decade is the decade that will make all the difference, we can vote to plant a few trees and leave the consequences to our children and grandchildren to cope with the ferocity of climate change induced weather havoc, or we can take action now by voting either The Greens or the ALP to continue the fight against this future silent killer, I know what I will do, I love my child.


Shaun Newman

13 Laura Court

Deeragun, Townsville

North Queensland, 4818

Ph: 0747516184

Email –

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