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Letter to the Editor

I was interested to read in the Townsville Bulletin 03.09.13 ‘Abbott claims carbon tax issue creating internal Labor rifts’ it was a story which described a “developing civil war” within Labor over the price on carbon. Personally I believe there are quite a few internal pressure points that could and should for the sake of Labor voters, explode once and for all.

The Gillard government put into place many good policies, and so did Rudd, however some of the policies put forward by both Prime Ministers were at odds with traditional Labor philosophy, which has over the recent decades followed the LNP to the right wing of Australian politics, due to the control of the ALP by the right-wing anti-worker AWU/SDA alliance. This culminated in the NSW Right wing of the ALP disgracing the party Australia wide, now they and their representative Bill Shorten are eyeing off the leadership of the party, this would do immeasurable harm to the future of the ALP.

The time has arrived to finally readapt the ALP to the centre-left of politics to represent ordinary working families who do it tough whoever is in government. Labor used to be the workers friend, but since the Hawke days when the Prime Minister used to crawl to people like Alan Bond, the Labor Party is these days only a shadow of its former self. The AWU treachery involved with the dragging down of Rudd, and then Gillard is not to be tolerated, people like Paul Howes should be ashamed of themselves for their actions, they are not really true Labor people.

The ALP needs to readopt a philosophy that puts ordinary working people and the disadvantaged front and centre for their attention. Clive Palmer may be a billionaire but he only gets one vote, as we all do. It would be nice to have a party that we on Struggle Street could vote for and know that at least some of our concerns would be dealt with. Some choose to vote against themselves by electing the servants of the rich to govern, however we do not now have a party that truly represents ordinary people, and it is high time that either the ALP came back to represent their roots or a traditional Labour Party be formed before we go any further along the track to emulate the USA.


Shaun Newman

13 Laura Court

Deeragun, Townsville

North Queensland, 4818

Ph: 0747516184

Email – sne35565@westnet.com.au

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