In response to Sam Cox


Letter to the Editor

In response to Sam Cox’s LttE ‘Police power way overdue’ I would very much like to comment on Sam’s points, if I may.

1. Being proud to be part of a government that is ‘standing up to criminals’ is a furphy and Mr Cox should know that. South Australia has also introduced ‘unconstitutional’ laws on bikies in the past that have been struck down by the High Court of Australia. One should not have pride in introducing draconian laws. Criminals should be pursued and minimum sentences should be addressed and increased by the government on existing laws which is an effective way to proceed, without all the ‘scare campaign’ and whipping up of public sentiment.

2. I have no opposition at all to increasing minimum sentencing on existing laws on hoons and paedophiles or drug dealers, car crush and increasing time served behind bars for sex offenders and drug dealers in existing laws would be welcomed in general, however this publicity campaign from the Queensland government is unnecessary waste of public monies, at a time when the LNP claimed that the State was in debt up to its eyeballs, it doesn’t add up?

3. Fine, take away X-box and other luxuries in detention centres, but increase the detention centre staff to cope with the additional frustration that will occur from these measures or we the public risk the chance of break-outs from these institutions.

4. ‘building numbers’ my comment is based on the premise that a workload that requires 1,000 people cannot be achieved with 800 people, it would seem that Mr Cox and his government think that the philosophy of ‘employ them, wear them out, and get another one to replace the worn out’ is the way to go, having little regard for the lives of the working people. I was raised to believe that if a job was worth doing, it was worth doing well, rough enough is NOT good enough. Despite medical staff professionalism they are human and do wear out with unrealistic expectations.

5. Yes, I acknowledge that your LNP government has done a couple of good things that were badly needed such as providing long awaited maintenance to State schools, which had been sadly neglected by the previous Labor government, however on balance the good certainly has not outweighed the bad done by this government, including closing schools, and forcing up power prices, along with a 50.9% increase in your pay this year.


Shaun Newman

13 Laura Court

Deeragun, Townsville

North Queensland, 4818

Ph: 0747516184

Email –

• I acknowledge that this letter has little hope of being published.


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