The time has arrived


Letter to the Editor,

The time has arrived where we now have had time to witness the LNP in power at both State and Federal levels and make some quality judgements on their collective performance and economic policies. Both governments have performed much as I expected they would with the resulting stress caused to low income households clearly evident.

For single income families and families who rely on pensions we have noticed a further tightening in our already stressed budgets. Those affluent people who claim that we spend our money on cigarettes and alcohol could not be further from the truth, food and petrol are the main consumers of our meagre budgets, with absolutely no hope of any change for the better under the LNP governments, with the State ripping the cost of electricity up by a further 13% after the mid-year increase of 21% (Qld) and starving our institutions of budgetary attention (Health and Education services in Qld as an example) while their federal counterparts are ripping away the school kids bonus that in the past has helped us to outfit our children for school being only two of a multitude of economic benefits tearing our budgets to shreds.

This is of course is extreme right wing philosophy at work, the same philosophy that has cost Australia a Holden car, and will cost Australia a motor vehicle industry in the long term, with the associated loss of up to 200,000 Aussie jobs, and a $21 Billion hit to our previously Triple A rated economy under the ALP, which had been rated so by all three world rating agencies. In other words since the September 7th election, in the LNPs first quarter of governance to December the 7th our economy has been all downhill with the LNP adding more than $13 ‘Billion’ to our budget deficit since they took power, according to their own MYEFO economic forecast , the first budgetary report of LNP policies affect upon the Aussie economy in the first quarter of their governance delivered today by Treasurer Joe Hockey. Our State LNP government says their budget position has worsened, this can only be as a result of their economic mismanagement, as their first act was to sack 15,000 public servants thereby bettering their budget position by saving 15,000 pay packets every fortnight at the expense of working people, it seems that the conservatives at any level of government, including local government (which we have witnessed in Townsville, as they quadrupled our city debt in their last term) are unable to manage public money properly in order to serve the population that elects them, a very sad indication of their ideological approach to economic matters. We are now out of step with most other nations on Earth with regards philosophy toward Global Warming, which will see an increase in ferocity and regularity of fierce Category 5 cyclones for us in the north of Australia.

Business confidence will not be retained as unemployment continues to grow, as it will, continuing with the free market ideology which the extreme right of the LNP is dictating at present. Every nation on Earth that has a car industry actually subsidizes it for the overall benefit to the economy in skills and training, sadly the LNP are unable to recognize the benefits of public/private partnerships, another blemish on their economic approach. Surely all the economic indicators are displaying a clear signal to both State and Federal governments that the course that they are employing is not sustainable and in fact is the wrong, I repeat ‘wrong’ way to proceed.


Shaun Newman

13 Laura Court, Deeragun,

Townsville, Qld, 4818.

Ph: 0747516184

Email –


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