as fear continues

Letter to the Editor
As fear continues to mount within the aged and disabled community of Australia as to how severely the LNP Abbott government will punish us for having the temerity to survive long enough to collect a meager pension after in many cases having paid many decades of income tax to governments which has been used to build roads, schools and hospitals among a myriad of other public infrastructure.
This act of treachery from the ultra-conservative government who it seems are manufacturing and trying hard to sell a ‘budget-crisis’ situation in order to put into practice their extremist policies for the only apparent reason, to see them in operation, as they certainly are not required to remedy a budget crisis which does not exist. Australian Debt v GDP ratio is much lower than most of our trading partners, and indeed we would not be in such a fortunate position without the former Labor government’s actions during the Global Financial Crisis whose effect, still lingers with us as it does with the rest of the globe. A sensible approach to the repayment of loans needs to be had for the sake of the Australian population, austerity is not needed and not welcomed, nor has it produced the desired result anywhere in the world that it has been instituted.
If in fact we had such a ‘budget crisis’ how the LNP government would be able to spend an extra $24 Billion on JSF-35 Stealth jet fighters to protect the assets of the rich in this nation is beyond much of the Australian population? They (the LNP) are certainly not interested in protecting ordinary Aussies health and education; they are in fact anticipating selling these public utilities along with electricity in Queensland, off to the highest bidder, of course at a bargain basement price to one of their ‘rich’ LNP mates. The LNP are working hand in hand, State and Federal to rid this nation of any public enterprise which contributes to the welfare of Australian citizens, whilst allowing at least $60 Billion per year go to overseas tax havens so that rich individuals and multinational companies can avoid paying the correct amount of tax to the nation from where this income is produced, why?
The truth of the matter is that since they took office last September, it is they who have added at least $12 Billion to our public debt (deficit), yet they try to blame the previous government? We have heard Treasurer Hokeidonian (Hockey) say that the age of entitlement is over, why then is the LNP government continuing to subsidize diesel petrol to the tune of tens of billions of dollars to multi-billion dollar mining companies, while pensioners who are already struggling are attacked with new charges as varied as co-payment to see a GP to a fee to have our mail delivered. This is a ‘mean& tricky’ bad government. Keeping the elderly and infirm in suspense takes a huge toll psychologically on we pensioners, only a mean and nasty political party would do such a thing to the helpless and vulnerable people who are supposedly in their care.
I have watched the news items on TV and have read my local daily newspaper every day, but unless I have missed it, so far I have not seen a news item which explains what it is, that the government is expecting from multi-millionaires and billionaires in this nation, surely those who have the capacity to pay more tax should be prepared to do so, after all Treasurer Hokeidonian (Hockey) did say ‘everyone’ had to help? The assault on us pensioners and those on the minimum wage, actually abolishing the minimum wage for the benefit of unscrupulous employers, are the actions of a disgraceful unAustralian government.
Shaun Newman


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