GST – Rotten to the core.

Letter to the Editor
‘GST rotten to the core – Fruit and veg tax simply ‘greedy.’ the proposal to extend this tax to fresh food is another step from the LNP to further destroy the lives of pensioners. Not content with increasing our cost of petrol and charging us $7 to see our GP, our local LNP Senator Ian Macdonald wants to now inflict this tax increase upon those of us who survive on the lowest income in Australia. Of course this tax increase would also do great harm to low income Aussie families.
Potentially deadly harm for pensioner couples, because on our limited meagre income which puts us below the poverty line, if we don’t have enough money to purchase healthy fresh food, some of us are already struggling with the hike in processing of prescriptions and co-payments for doctors and increased travel costs to get to a GP and simply will not have enough income to eat properly which will only exacerbate our medical conditions in some cases leading to premature death.
This philosophy is presented by a political party who has no sympathy or empathy for their fellow Aussie, and who are simply greedy and rotten to the core. They can be seen at all levels of government doing whatever they can do including the cost of electricity which is about to rise again by 16.3% in Queensland to basically inflict as much pain as possible on those vulnerable people who can least afford to pay.
Shaun Newman


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