So now we know

Letter to the Editor
So now we know officially that ‘all’ LNP governments will say one thing and do another in order to get into political office. We in Queensland remember well Campbell Newman’s saying that public servants had nothing to fear from him, he was elected and proceeded to sack upward of 16,000 public servants, including doctors and nurses. This act was followed a couple of years later by Tony Abbott who told us that there would be no cuts or changes to funding for health, education, pensions, the ABC and SBS with the culmination in the LNP’s first budget, cutting and changing all of the above.
I have followed politics since John Gorton was the Prime Minister yet never have I seen such a betrayal of the public’s trust to anywhere near the extent that the current LNP has damaged trust in politicians with this horror budget.
The scathing cuts and charges, especially to the working poor, the chronically ill and pensioners in general are a disgrace for any government to own, let alone a government whose debt is a mere 12% of the nation’s GDP. These people have overseen a massive transfer of wealth away from the poor and toward the obscenely rich, the largest transfer in Australia’s history I believe.
Not content with this savage assault on those with limited budgets, they continue to subsidize the rich individuals and multinational companies with a $4 Billion diesel fuel rebate, and give their masters, corporate Australia a tax cut. The reintroduction of petrol excise indexation will hurt every Australian family and of course those with the lowest income will be the hardest hit. The slashing of provisions for the young (Youth Allowance/ Newstart) to help with survival until they can find a job that pays enough money to support themselves (refer planned LNP cutting of minimum wage) is another disgusting inhumane piece of work from ideologically driven ultra-right wing conservative ideologues. They warn us that further punishment for being poor will be handed out in future budgets and that if they are re-elected in 2017, that they will further erode our already meagre pensions. The two, cigar smoking goons who have collaborated to formulate the wealth transfer may be drinking champagne in celebration for their dastardly deeds; however the overwhelming Australian population will be left to eat cake.
Shaun Newman


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