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  1. 27.05.14
    Letter to the Editor,
    Apparently some LNP contributors to the Townsville Bulletin, especially in the text the Editor section, have no concept of the Australian Taxation System as is clearly shown in their texts. One stating quite correctly that personal income tax is not the only form of taxation, another stating that GST must increase; there are in fact other options.
    They seem to completely overlook income taxation on the huge multinational companies in Australia and the assumption that at least some of these multibillion dollar companies could be and should be asked to contribute more towards the country from which they make their huge profits.
    We are at a point in Australia where working poor families and pensioners are not able to make any more contributions to the system. Pensioners already pay GST which we were under compensated for by a past LNP government. The time has arrived where the only sector of Australia who are able to contribute more are those who are wealthy individuals and companies, this could be achieved by a profit based tax. The old saying that you can’t get blood out of a stone applies at this point in time to lowly paid working families and pensioners.
    Why don’t/ won’t the LNP/CLP governments across this nation ever look to the wealthy to fill the gap? Is it simply another old adage that the LNP are the servants of the rich? I am sure that many, many swinging voters have focused on the federal LNP budget, and now know who NOT to vote for. By wealthy, I am not referring to highly paid working people, but simply the rich.
    Shaun Newman

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