There is no denying

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Letter to the Editor
There is no denying the gloom that has descended upon the nation since last Tuesday’s LNP federal budget cuts and broken promises, in fact the latest budget poll puts 75% of the nation against the budget cuts and changes. The disturbing poll figure is 41% actually believe that the cuts and changes are necessary, despite Australia’s low debt internationally?
Watching The Insiders interview with the Prime Minister Abbott was an education in political denial where he quite rightly pointed out the LNP narrative for the last election, stop the boats, scrap the so called carbon tax and build the super highways of the 21st century, however the Prime Minister forgot to mention other promises such as no cuts or changes to health, education, pensions the ABC or SBS. I understand that tactics have always been used in politics and one or two slightly undermentioned promises may be scrapped after the election, however the current situation goes much further than that.
The new taxes to the expenditure of pensioners a new petrol tax, and a new GP tax, prescription tax and blood test tax will hurt people who are ageing on low fixed incomes, however it is the unfair rate at which this LNP budget hurts low to middle income Australian families compared to the amount it will graze the more affluent in the nation that really does stink. The Prime Minister raised the issue of sacrificing a $6,500 rise in his income which currently stands at $507,000 p.a. obviously high income earners in this bracket are not sacrificing anywhere near the sacrifices being imposed upon the poor in real terms.
With State Premiers meeting to discuss the way forward, with the only likely solution for them to increase the GST paid by all Australians, again this will hit hardest on those trying to survive on low incomes and pensions pushing us further below the poverty line instead of thinking outside the square, which LNP Premiers do not do well. Options like closing the taxation loopholes which allow billions of profit to be transferred to overseas tax havens, would be a start, however this measure would hinder the LNPs largest supporters, what to do?
Shaun Newman


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