Anyone who claims

Letter to the Editor
Anyone who claims that the GFC was not responsible for Australia’s current position of being the second lowest country in the world as far as national debt owing must have terrible trouble with comprehension, as every other western nation on earth expect one is in a similar or worse position. These other countries whether they had progressive or regressive governments have all fallen economically, most, much worse than Australia. For anyone to argue any differently is to openly admit that they do not comprehend global finances.
Australia was well managed through the Global Financial Crisis by the then Rudd government who initiated crisis management to insulate over 1 million Australian homes, thereby not only keeping residents warmer in winter and cooler in summer but as a result lowering the electricity bill for those residents who may otherwise have had to have used fans, air conditioners or heaters. It was also the Rudd government who built long overdue school infrastructure in the form of halls, libraries etc. to keep Australia working and to be only one of two nations on earth to avoid a recession.
The current Abbott government has taken the exact opposite approach in the aftermath of the GFC that is, to introduce austerity. If in fact the austerity had not broken election promises as it has, and been introduced in a fair manner which it has not, perhaps, just perhaps the population would not be up in arms in relation to the austere federal LNP budget. There is plenty of punishment for being poor, a student, the chronically ill or a pensioner struggling to survive on below the poverty line payments, a slight sting for well paid workers, and absolutely nothing asked of the wealthiest in our nation, when Treasurer Hockey specifically said “everyone” had to make a contribution to the heavy lifting.
To claim that the surplus of $20 billion at the time left from the Howard government’s sale of Telstra should have covered the enormity of the worst financial downturn in 75 years is absurd and totally unrealistic.
Shaun Newman


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