Answers not criticism

Letter to the Editor,
Answers not criticism from Debra Gibson 30.05.14 Townsville Bulletin disputes my opinion concerning the federal LNP budget and wants me to espouse measures to deliver a fairer budget to all Australian’s. I’d be happy to although I make it a rule normally not to reply to ignorant and misleading letters to the Editor, I will make this once only exception to my self-imposed rule.
To begin, Australia does not have a debt problem, the size of the figures simply mask the true situation, talking about debt without also talking about income (GDP) is sensationalist rubbish, a debt of $5 could be overwhelming if you have no income, the principle remains the same whether or not you are talking in telephone numbers of debt. Debra, are you aware of the size of Australia’s income? People like Debra seem to think “inside” the square and believe anything that their political party tells them. As an example, Australia does not have a debt problem, and we in fact have a revenue problem. If Debra had read my previous letters properly she would have noticed my claim that the 1% of top income people in our nation avoids their fair share of contribution of taxes, some pay no tax at all, and separate to this fact in excess of $60 billion of profits each year is hidden in overseas tax havens such as the Cayman Islands. This is $60 billion of income that should be taxed before a pensioner should be asked for a co-contribution to see a GP, instead of the GP Tax, and its accompanying Prescription tax. LNP Treasurer Hockey said everyone must make a contribution to the heavy lifting, did he not? The contribution from the 1% is?
Debra will be surprised that I have actually supported some of her past campaigns such as the $2 billion development in the Upper Ross; however my knowledge of what the Hockey budget measures really mean for ordinary Aussies and their families won’t allow me to support these attacks upon everyday Aussie families. It is interesting that you accuse me of “picking out parts of a very complex document” when in your letter you do precisely the same thing?
The analogy to a packet of cigarettes or a “good” cup of coffee is absolutely ridiculous if applied to me as I am a non-smoker, non-drinker and cannot afford supposed “good” coffee, and I’d be very interested to view any reputable study that shows a high affordability of so called “luxuries” among those of us who are struggling to survive with not enough fresh food to eat let alone those things lol. There is “no” waste in our meagre budget and no room to accommodate great big new taxes from the federal LNP, in conjunction with the great big increases in existing taxes from the State LNP, such as the 13.6% increase in electricity tax, all of which hurt the lowest income families the hardest. So in answer to your question “So what does Shaun have to offer to fix this?” I offer you and your followers this one piece of advice. Support a government of either or any colour who pledges to introduce laws to collect a “fair amount of tax from those who are best placed to pay a little extra, the 1%” and who pledge to “return the Australian fair go to ordinary Aussies by tightening tax avoidance laws.” Perhaps Debra I could ask you a question: Why do every day workers’ pay 20% income tax, Doctor’s pay 49% income tax, Farmers receive diesel rebate subsidy and billionaire pay little to no tax, perhaps the time has come for you to answer this question in the name of fairness?
I am not a member of any political party as there seems no party who are interested in the above propositions; it seems they are all afraid of the billionaires, how sad for Australian democracy.
Shaun Newman


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