In reference to WW C/jong.

Letter to the Editor
In reference to WW C/jong txt 03.06.14,Townsville Bulletin he/she has the bull by the arse on so many levels with regard to what he thinks that I think that I don’t quite know where to begin. So in an effort to correct the record I will itemize his/her misrepresentation of my thoughts one by one:
1. I certainly did not compare the GFC experience in Australia to the Great Depression of the 1930s I simply made the point that through good management Australia avoided the 1930s experience. In the Great Depression my grandfather walked for miles every day to gain a half day’s employment to keep his family alive, Australia’s GFC experience thanks to the Rudd government was very, very different. The GFC was a hard time but nowhere near comparable to the Great Depression, sadly the after effects of the GFC linger and times remain tough for the poor.

2. Shaun’s philosophy is those who work hard and build a comfortable life are in fact the backbone of the Australian economy and should be admired for their contribution, “not B’s as stated by WW”, sadly the chances of gaining productive employment are fading under the mismanagement of a series of LNP policies designed to attack those very people and their small business employers through the abolition of the minimum wage, which will bring the Australian economy to its knees. WW may be surprised to discover that I am one of these people who have worked hard and long in an effort to advance my family into the best economic position I could possibly achieve before fate and a bad employer changed that position for ever.

3. The empire builders in Shaun’s philosophy earn my contempt “only” when they deliberately dodge their “fair share” of taxation and send large parts of their taxable income to overseas tax havens, instead of making their responsible contribution to Australia’s economic health, via the ATO, one wonders whether or not WW realizes that upward of $60 billion each and every year finds its way from large Australian companies to these overseas tax havens? One wonders if WW actually knows what Australia’s income v debt ratio actually is.

4. I have no contempt only sympathy, empathy and compassion for those who plod along unaware of the above realities and would rather watch The Simpson’s than the news as they do not realize how badly they are being shaken down by LNP governments how disadvantaged they actually are, and how privileged some others in their community have it.

5. WW says our 21st century system will never ignore the most vulnerable if made aware of them and Shaun knows it. On this point we agree, the LNP has not ignored the most vulnerable in fact they have attacked us with a passion, in pursuit of their master/servant philosophy, the latest Qld LNP cut in the tiny subsidy on electricity bills is just one in a long line of conservative philosophy to follow the federal attack on pensioners of a $7 GP Tax and a $7 Prescription tax raising the age of old age pension entitlement to 70 years of age, and slugging us with a new tax on petrol, all these new taxes aimed fairly and squarely at the poorest in our society. The LNP are however happy to subsidize multi-billion dollar companies to the tune of billions of dollars on diesel fuel rebate, as it seems that those companies retain their entitlement, while Australia citizens do not.
The argument can be made that these new taxes and existing tax increases apply to the population, not only to pensioners and low income families, however those families who are by no fault of their own, single income, low income or relying on pensions to survive are obviously hardest hit by these measures because our incomes are so small, which is why the subsidy applied in the first place, our incomes do not provide for such increases in expenditure while middle income families and the wealthy will obviously cope much easier. There are none so blind, as those who will not see.
Shaun Newman


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