The deliberate campaign

Letter to the Editor,
The deliberate campaign of deceit and deception run by the LNP over our national debt is breathtaking when Australia is the second lowest nation on earth, in the national debt stakes. All their silly five word slogans like “Labor’s debt and deficit disaster” are complete nonsense and the majority of Australians are awake up to this deceit. The scare campaign is NOT working Australians are a lot more educated these days and don’t fall for “reds under the beds” type slogans anymore, sadly the LNP remain firmly entrenched in the 1960s philosophy.
Most now realize that this is a “class war” from the LNP based upon the old master, servant relationship that Tony Abbott is so intent on restoring to Australian shores. The tax increases on petrol is just one way of achieving this goal. Other measures are planned abolition of the minimum wage so that employers can, over time pay their employees less than what we believe should be the minimum wage that any employee in this nation should receive in order to survive. This move alone will cripple this once great economy and send many small businesses to the wall, bringing with it the highest unemployment and poverty seen in our country since the great depression.
The reaction to this ultra-right wing budget by ordinary Australian’s who will find themselves much worse off under this LNP regime has been magnificent. Being unable to participate in the protests because of disability I am so proud to see Australian’s everywhere marching peacefully and protesting against this wretched piece of legislation. The protest is not confined to ALP people who are being blamed for the protest, indeed pensioners, students and everyday Australians have combined beautifully to reject this LNP budget, and so they should.
Until such time as a contribution has arrived from the privileged few in this country, such as paying a fair share of the tax burden, not sending part of their profits to overseas tax havens and becoming responsible citizens worthy of consideration, it is our democratic right to protest against the most unfair and inequitable legislation this great nation has ever seen. Australian’s are an egalitarian people who have respect for each other and for mateship; we have no time for this dreadful politics of division, turning one Aussie against another just for the sake of conservative ideology. Politicians twist the truth, we are used to that, what we are not used to and in fact will not cop, is politicians who not only lie, but then lie about lying.
Shaun Newman


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