Confidence is the goal

Letter to the Editor
Confidence is the goal from Sam Cox, current State LNP member for the seat of Thuringowa, was an amusing read on the 4th of June it clearly demonstrated that the member has in fact lost touch with his electorate. His Finders, Grinders, Minders and Binders were classic analogy from a bloke who clearly hasn’t got a clue as to how to read or represent the electorate of Thuringowa.
He goes on to blame everyone including his own conservative colleagues in local government (Townsville First Councillors who control the Townsville City Council), business and industry small and large for Townsville’s flat lining economy, in fact it seems to be everyone’s fault except his LNP State government. The MP muses about the proposed new stadium for Townsville suggesting it could have a roof full of solar panels, he says he would fight for it, too late Sam, the budget did not include any allocation for a stadium for Townsville, however the fruits of Mr Cox’s representation were clearly seen in the recent LNP State budget that continued that party’s “war on the poor.”
Townsville received two sets of traffic lights while Brisbane received a billion dollars toward a $5 billion integrated transport terminal, and the member wonders why confidence in Townsville is down. I think most Townsville people could tell the member for Thuringowa why confidence is lacking, most people that is, apart from the three stooges. Even Townsville Enterprise head David Kippin expressed concern with his own government the day after the letter from Mr Cox. It is ironic that he of all people should draw attention to one of his many failures, that being to deliver much needed infrastructure to our city including the stadium.
Thuringowa has many traffic problems that his government are responsible for fixing, public transport in the form of light rail would go a long way to decease peak hour traffic snarls and motorists frayed tempers traveling to and from their daily work grind. Cuts of $80 billion from their party at the federal level has not assisted health and education, yet still they refuse to call on their wealthy friends to make a fair contribution to the society that those people make so much profit from. I’m not talking about struggling small business in Townsville, I’m referring to some of Queensland’s richest people. Sadly though the working poor and pensioners are fair game for the LNP what a shame that they could not find a mere $50 million to continue concessions for Queensland’s poorest people who have already put from 30-60 years of hard work into building the State, out of their asset selling gain of $33.6 billion of which there is $8.6 billion left after paying down debt. No, not on your life, that would not suit their cruel, mean and nasty philosophy of the continued “war on the poor.” His dosy mate the LNP member for Townsville has apparently expressed a notion that he may become angry because of Townsville’s short changing, well, the members anger would not frighten a flee let alone the upper echelons of the regime that he represents lol.
Shaun Newman


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