The amount of fear

Letter to the Editor
The amount of fear and stress, anxiety and depression struck into the hearts of some of Australia’s poorest people, those disabled and elderly people who live fortnight to fortnight on tiny pensions; struck by the LNP budgets cannot be underestimated. Most of us have had knots in our stomachs and have been unable to sleep for many weeks for fear as to what these politicians who lack empathy or compassion for us would do, and have done to us. This pre-budget and post-budget period has been a nightmare for us and for our families, and we will not soon forget. The State government have even tried to remove our concessions, until the furore from pensioners which was heard loud and clear.
We have seen TV reports of people whose increased stress and anxiety of losing funding from governments ceasing to fund pensioner concessions and bulk billing as is their LNP philosophy have caused those pensioners insomnia through anxiety and for good reason. Let us run through just a couple of the increased pressure points on tiny pension incomes: Firstly a great big new $7 GP Tax in conjunction with an also new $7 Prescription Tax, which for pensioners aged over 50 years of age who already have $200 per fortnight higher living expenses due to age, chronic illness, support braces, walking sticks etc. according to Canberra University, than those who are below the 50 mark. There is also the added expense of fuel costs which will be rising each and every year thanks to the great big new tax on petrol, which of course will force up the price of food, along with all other commodities. It would seem that the LNP do not have a clue as to how to run an economy for people, only for corporations and the obscenely wealthy, which they refuse to ask for help with revenue, why, why begin a “war against the poor.”?
If this uncertainty continues for much longer some of our number with heart complaints will surely not survive the experience, perhaps this is the desired outcome from the government side? Our veterans did not fight for this imposition on the poor, lest we forget.
Shaun Newman
13 Laura Court, Deeragun,
Townsville, North Queensland, 4818
Ph: 0747516184
Email –

The amont of fear


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