The outrages toward the Hockey budget continues

Letter to the Editor
The outrages toward the Hockey LNP budget continues in the community with a majority of voters rejecting the horrific budget outright and want it blocked in the Senate by all of the opposition parties. This grossly unfair budget was added to in the Queensland LNP State budget where some of the federal cuts are to be passed down the chain to have a horrific effect on service delivery in Queensland, especially in the $80 billion worth of cuts made by the Abbott LNP government in health and education.
I have said again and again that Australia does not have a budget emergency except in the field of revenue, our national debt is well under control however the use of big numbers scares ordinary people because related to their meagre incomes it does seem a lot of money but one must remember this debt covers 24 million people and businesses. On the revenue side of the ledger those who are making huge incomes from this country and its population are not contributing their ‘fair share’ and never have in my living memory. The time has arrived where this great nation can no longer afford to carry these dead weights and really need to see a major increase in contributions made from the highest 100 income people in this country, the very people who make enormous incomes out of our population either by mining, shopping centres, even making cardboard boxes and many more industries have become multibillionaires, who need to make a much greater contribution than they are currently making.
Instead of demanding this from those who could easily pay the LNP decided to attack ordinary people via the health and education systems and not content with that, actually attacked the poorest citizens i.e. pensioners by ceasing to fund pensioner concessions, the Queensland LNP government also tried this on and an immediate rebellion from the State’s pensioners put a stop to their cruel move within 48 hours of rage. Most people now see the LNP unmasked and it is not a pretty site. They had always been considered mean & tricky but after this budget fiasco a new superlative has been added “cruel” why attack the most vulnerable people in the Australian community, while leaving the rich untouched?
Shaun Newman
13 Laura Court, Deeragun,
Townsville, North Queensland, 4818
Ph: 0747516184
Email –


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