Australian soldiers

Letter to the Editor
Australian soldiers have fought in many theatres of war for a basic principle, which is the principle that Australian people should be free from tyranny, real freedom, our current Prime Minister and his government is making a mockery of the stance that these brave men and women took on our behalf.
The current persecution of the hapless poor from the LNP government in forms as varied as cutting government funding for pensioner concessions to robbing smart children from poor families of an existence payment if they are unfortunate enough to not be able to find employment, following decades of hard lowly paid work from their parents paying their PAYE taxes to build this nation into what it is today is and should be recognized by all as disgusting.
At the same time this LNP government happily gives that same PAYE tax to mining companies in the form of taxation deductions and if that were not enough, billions of dollars in diesel fuel rebate, while not caring a hoot about the above mentioned Australian people. To add insult to injury, Australians of all political stripes continue to protest 5 weeks after this horrendous budget because this same federal government has unfairly cut 80 Billion dollars out of public health and education funding which affects those very same people. No wonder the revolt continues 5 long weeks after this mean and cruel budget and its grossly unfair decisions.
Australians elected a government who promised “no cuts to health or education, the ABC or SBS” what we received was quite to the contrary and now Australians are asking the Dr No of Australian politics to either go back and devise a different budget, or go to a fresh election so the people can decide.
Shaun Newman


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