The recent HILDA survey

Letter to the Editor,
The recent HILDA survey conducted by the University of Melbourne puts pay to yet another LNP lie. The survey found that less Australians were reliant upon welfare than in the past the Hockey story which would have the nation believe that the opposite were true is simply a furphy designed to turn one Australian against another, as old as Napoleon, divide and conquer.
This is precise what ultra-right wing governments do when they have no economic credibility but still want to institute their cruel and nasty policies. As we saw in the Townsville Bulletin story ‘Driven to use private cars’ June 16th the recent National Australia Bank survey found the first consumer concern and anxiety was the rising cost of living, closely followed by anxiety concerning LNP government’s policies. “People feel they don’t have the ability to mitigate these (petrol) costs” said NAB’s head of industry analyst Dean Pearson.”
When people say the LNP are unbelievable, they certainly don’t mean in a good way!
Shaun Newman


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