Queenslanders are not mugs

Letter to the Editor
Queenslanders are not mugs, as with the Bligh government selling assets they were severely punished for doing so, and of course there was/is a good economic reason behind the actions of voters to punish those who would sell their assets.
One need not be a Professor of Economics to understand that asset sales are the first step in a slippery slope which works against ordinary families. Firstly the government/s claims that they have to sell assets to reduce debt while realistically the only assets that they will sell are public enterprises assets that provide an income to the government/s. The private enterprise community are not interested in buying loss making services to the public, they want to buy assets cheaply, and then raise the mark-up to make larger profits. This in turn reduces the income/revenue to government so that they can no longer provide the services that they once did because they have just sold their revenue making asset. The domino effect continues so that they either cut more services or raise more taxes, (however not from their friends to whom they have just sold your asset to). As Queenslanders responded to the Queensland government recent ironically named Strong Choices survey, they clearly told the government that they wanted an increase in taxes to those who could well afford to pay an extra contribution; we received the polar opposite of course.
Of course in usual LNP style, the government completely ignored what it was told by the people of Queensland and went ahead with asset sales regardless. Queenslanders understand the devastating connotations’ for their children’s future in this reckless ideology where their assets would be sold at bargain basement prices to LNP mates at their (the public’s) expense in the long run, which is why the Bligh government was decimated, we just won’t cop it.
Of course with any LNP policy it is always the poorest in the community who are hardest hit, which may not be a concern for those whose lives are merrily going along trouble free, until sickness or accident intervene, it is then when those government services are worth their weight in gold for ordinary families, and it is precisely those government services that will disappear as or if LNP governments are allowed to rule, as they believe that they were born to do.
Shaun Newman


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