Not wishing to repeat

Letter to the Editor,
Not wishing to repeat myself, however, I must yet again complain, as the Australian public continues to complain about the LNP federal budget, a full 6 weeks after its reading to the parliament. Protests continue and quite rightly so against the worst budget that has ever been presented to the Australian people and under false pretences no less. This budget robs the many to pay the few.
The savage attack on ordinary everyday Aussie families is disgusting, the cuts to public health and education unwarranted and unneeded, the robbery of concessions to pensioners is a disgrace and for the first time in Australian history we now have LNP politicians pushing so hard against the population that they have had to hire bodyguards, such is their guilt that they seem to believe that someone will harm them, all I want to do is to vote them out, good riddance to bad rubbish I say.
In my local newspaper the Townsville Bulletin I notice another old LNP project returning to bite them on the bum, in the form of Port Hinchinbrook and the squalid Williams Corporation development that the public has paid for, many times in many ways and look set, under the State LNP government to pay again. This is private enterprise at its ugliest, from the word go, it has been all about “privatize the profit, and socialize the debt” so that the profit went to private hands and the mess is left to the public (in the form of governments, local and State) to clean up, as so many “developments” are. If we re-elect LNP governments we will surely see much more of this unfairness perpetuated for the good of the few and at the cost of the many.
Regards, Email –
Shaun Newman


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