The North Queensland chapter


Letter to the Editor

The North Queensland chapter of the LNP seem to have lost the plot, they are squabbling among themselves about issues as diverse as insurance to the proposed development of Northern Australia. The NQ section of the party is in a shambles refer to Townsville Bulletin – MP’s claims rubbished25.06.14 as an example. Add to that a long term LNP NQ Senator threatening to vote against his own party on the floor of parliament and you have a collection of party office holders who are out of touch with their population.

The Abbott government claims a mandate for doing what it promised to do before the last election, this “mandate” idea was lost as soon as Treasurer Hockey rose to his feet to deliver the most unfair and disgraceful budget in Australian history. All bets were off from that time forward, the farcical invention of a “debt & deficit disaster” has been well and truly debunked. It has now become abundantly clear that these austerity measures were/are not required and that if anything, the only part of the budget that needed some attention was the revenue side of the ledger. It has been revealed that upward of $60 billion in profits are squirrelled away to overseas tax havens every year without paying the rightful amount of taxation to our nation. “Mandate” is ridiculous when you cut $80 billion to health and education funding for ordinary Australians, whilst leaving the taxation loopholes open for unscrupulous tax dodging companies to exploit.

These austerity measures hit the poorest Aussies the hardest, those of us who splash our $575 a fortnight around on such luxuries’ as food, electricity bills, doctor’s visits and the petrol required to acquire those goods and services for our outrageous lifestyles. The unemployed are even worse off on their miserable “Newstart” payments. The federal LNP are ably assisted by their Queensland State counterparts in the “war against the poor” by regular increases in electricity charges (the last rise 13%) and of course regular increases in their parliamentary remuneration (pay packets), enough is enough, it’s time to rid ourselves of this LNP scourge once and for all, they are now controlled by their ultra-right wing faction which borders on fascism.


Shaun Newman


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