I write concerning a story in my local Townsville Bulletin

Letter to the Editor
I write concerning a story in my local Townsville Bulletin titled PUP barks in balancing act which portrays the breakdown in democracy with the aforementioned party who gained a little over 3% of the vote who now controls which legislation will pass the Senate and be made law and which will not.
Of course Clive Palmer will want an end to the price on carbon because for him it is an overhead which must be paid for, polluting our atmosphere which affects his profit bottom line; however one needs to ask if the PUP Senators will vote in the national interest, or in Mr Palmer’s interest, time will tell.
The LNP line is that it will save householders $550 per annum however this is not true in the case of my family who at best would only save $224 per annum ($4.31 per week) while the big polluters will save many billions of dollars. The price on carbon according to Prime Minister Tony Abbott was going to wipe out country towns and a roast meal was going to cost some exorbitant amount, situations that simply did not occur and were never going to occur. Or economy did not stall and all the LNP claims were proven to be false, two years on.
I am concerned, as many others are (up to 55% of the Australian population) that there will be no measures in place to preserve this planet and guard against ‘climate change’ for our grandchildren and their children. In the same local newspaper the local Queensland LNP Minister for Community Recovery and Local Government states that the $1.25 billion spent on community restoration following Cyclone Yasi could be in vein “if” we are confronted with another cyclone of this magnitude (catergory 5) however it is still LNP policy to produce power the 18th century way by burning coal, which inevitably leads to further climatic catastrophes, I’m reminded that there are none so blind as those who will not see.
Shaun Newman


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