The claim from Treasurer Hockey

Letter to the Editor
The claim from Treasurer Hockey that the world is awash with money at the moment, though government’s, he claims are not, only serves to highlight the fact that his conservative government is weak on tax collection from the largest corporates currently operating in Australia. We saw an example of this in last weeks’ Sydney Morning Herald where a huge Australian company had dodged its responsible taxation payment by the use of an old accounting trick.
The enforcement of existing taxation regulations and the failure to tighten and improve those regulations as taxation accountants find ways around them, in order to collect a fair and reasonable share of taxation from these large entities, for the Australian people, brings about shortfalls in the funding that is available to governments to in turn fund programs for the Australian people, programs like the NDIS, pension concessions, health and education, all basic Australian human rights given the amount of wealth being ripped out of our nation, we should be expecting to see tangible benefits in our communities.
My local LNP member of the House of Representatives tells me that the Mining tax had to go, when I asked why, no explanation was forthcoming. I believe, because no other explanation other than to better the bottom lines of some wealthy Australians and multinational huge corporate players is the only explanation. No thought has been given by the conservatives to the ownership rights of all Australians of the mined minerals.
Similarly with the price on carbon aka the carbon tax, my family will benefit by its scrapping to the tune of $4.31 per week, the real winner will be wealthy miners, and those who pollute the air we breathe, again both Australian and multinational huge corporate players who will save billions of dollars, a pattern is beginning to emerge. The price on carbon did not send our nation into the predicted tailspin that Tony Abbott told us of, towns disappearing and the Sunday roast meals that would cost upward of a hundred dollars we were told? The Abbott LNP government is a government of the servants of the rich, at a time when we need a government of the people for the people by the people.
The amount of money saved in terms of government expenditure by attacking old aged and disabled pensioners their entitlements and concessions are, in the big scheme of things, chickenfeed to the federal budget, however to struggling pensioners these meagre entitlements and concessions actually kept our heads above water, what kind of a cruel and insensitive government launches a “war against the poor?” The answer is a cruel and nasty, ideology driven conservative government. A government who ideologically can’t stand to see ordinary Australians benefit from the actions of their elected government or see wealthy companies pay their fair share of taxation to the nation from which they are making their huge profits..
At a time in our history when Australia and all Australians should be investing in our youth we find this government leaning on its responsibilities rather than doing the lifting in so many areas, it actually defies belief. As only one example the situation of firstly making it harder for Australian youth to get into a TAFE college and secondly if or when they do, rather than support the youth who do make it into such colleges to increase the skills base in our nation, they charge, as in lending those people money that has to be repaid. This is an abdication of government responsibility and is a disgraceful turn around which discourages a skilled Australia in favour of importing via 457 visas foreign skilled labour at reduced income payments which will undermine wages and conditions of our fellow Australians in an ideological race to the lowest common denominator.
Shaun Newman


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