With the convictions

Letter to the Editor
With the convictions of a couple of Australian high profile pedophiles in recent months Robert Hughes (Hey Dad) and Rolf Harris, and a Royal Commission continuing into the subject within religious institutions surely the time has arrived to increase the punishment via legislation for this horrendous crime against children.
I declare now that I am not impartial on the subject as I only narrowly avoided being a victim as a child myself, however I do know others whose lives have been negatively and severely affected by the crime. Quite apart from the human destruction that this crime can and does wreck upon its victims, is the ongoing mental illness and lack of productivity inflicted upon the child (emotional paralysis) and can last a lifetime in severe cases, causing mental illness, PTSD, bi-polar and in severe cases schizophrenia. The great sadness for society is twofold, firstly the destruction wrought by the crime, and secondly the loss from society of people who are otherwise very intelligent people who had the potential, were they unaffected by this crime, to do wonderful things for our society.
The victims are taught by society to blame themselves, as they believe that they must have done something to encourage these filthy men, when the clear fact is that the responsibility lies firmly with the perpetrator, not the victim. Because I am not impartial my favoured punishment (castration with a dirty jam tin lid) would not be acceptable, however surely society in civilized countries such as Australia and England need far harsher punishment than 3 years actual time served to be handed to these disgusting individuals? Paedophiles’ cannot be rehabilitated there is something missing that attracts them to lovely little girls.
Until such time as medical science can identify the gene in the brain that is responsible for this behaviour and remove it, these people are a threat to “all” parents and their children.
Shaun Newman
13 Laura Court, Deeragun,
Townsville, North Queensland, 4818
Ph: 0747516184
Email – sne35565@westnet.com.au


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