One wonders

Letter to the Editor
One wonders what the justice system in Queensland is coming to, when jurors’ in a murder trial seek to download information via the internet from a foreign countries justice system to instruct them on the “do’s and don’ts” which do not apply to “our” justice system which of course is a completely different system from the one we in Australia use with different laws and procedures. Is our nation so brainwashed by foreign television programming as to believe that all justice systems are the same? Surely Australians have not been “dumbed down” to this extent?
The controversial appointment of the Queensland Chief Justice and the way it was conducted certainly was not a forward step in Queensland justice and bought back many old memories of the “Sir Joh” era where people were often promoted far beyond their skill level, (a Police Commissioner comes to mind) into highly paid positions because of their internal connections with the ruling government at that time. It seems extraordinary that in the 21st century the Queensland LNP government has harked back to those ‘bad old’ days’ or so it seems to onlookers.
The days of the Newman LNP government in Queensland are numbered and they are certainly on the nose in public opinion polls, they have proven that as a political party they simply can’t be believed on any issue, (Hockey’s budget emergency) including justice. Even the recent letter from the party’s federal member to the Townsville Bulletin had an overtone of racism as he gently pointed the finger at Aboriginal youth as the law breakers. I thought that we had gotten past the race debate in this country, but some, obviously like to live in the past.
Shaun Newman


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