The shambles that is


Letter to the Editor

The shambles, that is the Newman government, seems to have impregnated the Abbott government, with the federal arm of the party the latest to lose control of the parliamentary process. Premier Newman in the last week has tried to claim credit for actions undertaken by the previous government (action on floods) and likewise for the rudderless Abbott government, who pointed to a child care centre on the Queensland/ Northern Territory boarder as being a success, which was established under the Gillard government.

I also note the Queensland Premier trying to claim credit for clearing the backlog of public dental patients, also, without mentioning the $30.9 billion granted to the Queensland government by the Gillard government for precisely this purpose under Julia Gillard’s ‘partnership’ agreements. The LNP have been keen to turn up and cuts ribbons when former government’s projects have come to completion however the party has no ‘progressive’ plans and consistently exaggerate the extent of their input into these projects.

Just the other day we had the Deputy Premier in Townsville boasting about a figure of $10 billion available to regions if his sorry excuse for a government is re-elected. On further investigation the figure was deemed to be closer to the $3 billion mark, with the majority of the capital raided from the sale of “our” assets going to the Brisbane area, again. Queensland is the most decentralised state in Australia with a large proportion of residents living outside the capital city. The regions need a solid commitment from any serious contender in next year’s state government election to fairly allocate government revenue, revenue that should come from ‘proper’ taxation of our largest companies, instead of selling our ‘precious’ public assets.

In the years that the LNP have occupied the treasury benches it is apparent that ‘special deals’ exist for ‘friends of the LNP’ or in other words wealthy companies who contribute to the party at all levels of government, (read the Sydney Morning Herald’s story regarding Glencore) local, state and federal at the cost of ordinary Queenslander’s and Australian’s. This party no longer represents country people.


Shaun Newman


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