As shown in last Tuesday’s newspoll

Letter to the Editor
As shown in last Tuesday’s newspoll and the comment in The Australian newspaper, the Australian public continue to display their distaste of the Abbott LNP government. The Newspoll has returned similar responses to many other polls. It is abundantly clear that the Australian public do not agree with the LNP “war against the poor” and their ultra-right wing policies to lower the living standards, and increase the costs of living of the average Australian family. The Hockey budget has unleashed one of the most ferocious reactions ever seen from the Australian public, because it goes directly against the national belief of “a fair go for all.” The comment in The Australian quotes the figure of 45% of the population on a two party preferred basis who continue to back the LNP; personally, I didn’t realize that there were so many Australians who had been continually duped into supporting a party that does not support them?
Also the figures from the poll suggest that if an election were held at present that the Abbott government would suffer the largest route in Australian political history as ordinary voters protested against its draconian policies. This is illuminating because the Abbott government has yet to release WorkChoices Mk2 which entails scrapping the minimum wage (so employers are able to pay less than the minimum payment to workers) and doing away with the unfair dismissal laws (so that an employer is able to sack a worker at their whim, without redress from the employee) this procedure should remove another 10% from the 45% figure as more and more people feel increasing pain in their personal “hip pocket nerve.”
When all is said and done the LNP have lurched to the ultra-right of politics, from once, simply being a boss’s organization to now touching on the borders of fascism which is simply unacceptable in this once “lucky country.” The LNP is unashamedly now the party of the 1% and bugger the rest, they have always been right wing, but the slide into the ultra-right wing philosophy is very disturbing in so many ways including human rights.
Shaun Newman


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