In the wake

Letter to the Editor
In the wake of the decision of the most conservative government in our history to avoid fighting climate change with the abolition of the price on carbon, which, as many economists have correctly point out, will not provide an incentive for big polluters including Clive Palmer to reduce their emissions. This abolition of the price on carbon has not been to save the 0.7% that it added to the cost of living (CPI) which ordinary Australians were compensated for, it was purely to save the costs of the biggest polluters of the air we breathe paying for the pollution that they create.
The Abbott government claim that ordinary households will save $550 per annum is simply fanciful and at best if all savings are passed along our family will gain $4.31 per week or $224 annually. I must admit that the extra loaf of bread we will now be able to purchase on the meagre amount that the disability pension pays will be welcome, but it is sad that this will come at the expense of my children and their children as the future in Northern Australia now looks very bleak as far as the increasing number of cyclones and their increasing strength, now up to category 5 (cyclone Tracy was category 4 – Darwin 1974) and with further carbon pollution spewing from refineries in North Queensland the situation will surely worsen.
I’m sure that the average Australian actually realizes that climate change is real which is why over 3 million Australian homes have fitted solar water heaters and solar panels to their roofs in an attempt to privately mitigate the effects of destructive climate change which has contributed to bush fires and other climate related disasters in the past. The irresponsibility of the national ultra-right wing conservative (LNP) government to put corporation profits ahead of Australians personal safety should be condemned, and will come with a future heavy cost to Australian people at large.
Shaun Newman



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